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Frisbee is network manager which can help you maintain internet connection in Puppy Linux. It is a front end for Wpa Roaming and dhcpcd, inspired by Wpa Gui.

Installation Slacko and Polar
Frisbee is built-in on Slacko Puppy5.31 and PolarPup go to network wizard and select Frisbee.

Installation Precise Puppy 5.4x (upup)
Install the components PETs from this post
Install the Frisbee 3 PET from this post
(rtl8192xx firmware post)

Alternative version-

Install Lucid and Puppy 4
1. Install the following Software Package(s):
2. Install the correct dhcpcd package for the Puppy version:

Installation XOPup
For a special XOPup version, see this forum post

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