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====What is a Frugal Install?====
~Frugal is a standard method for installing Puppy Linux. The Linux system files are stored in just couple of files in a directory, rather than spread out over an drive partition.
~In more technical terms it uses a layered file system. The base [[SFS]], other SFSs and PupSave file remain compressed in filesystem-in-a-file files. However they appear to the user in the [[terminal]] and [[FileManagers File Manager]] as the Linux [[RootFS]] which normally expanded over a whole [[partition]]. Any changes or additional files are added to the PupSave file. Apart from files in the ##/mnt/## directory which is used to specify mount locations.
~This method allows the whole OS to be loaded into memory. Additionally, you can have multiple installations on one partition and even install to a Windows partition.

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~[[whiteout files|whiteout file (.wh)]] - used by layered filesystem to remove read-only file

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