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[[HomePage]] > [[SoftwareIndex Software Index]] > [[SoftwareDesktop Desktop]]
~**glipper** puts a little icon in your [[system tray|]] to keep a list of your [[clipboard]] (cut/copy) and your primary selection (which is what gets pasted when you click in a text editor [or wherever] with your middle mouse button). A welcome side-effect is that it takes ownership of what you cut/copy or select... so you can past it even after closing the application that you cut/copied or selected it in.
~Included in some Puppies under //[[PuppyMenu]] > Desktop > Glipper clipboard manager//
~Otherwise install an appropriate software package:
~[[ Glipper 1.0 'lite' PET post]]
~[[ Glipper thread]]
[[HomePage]] > [[SoftwareIndex Software Index]] > [[SoftwareFilesystem File-system]]
====SFS Convertor====
~**SFS Convertor** converts between SFS v3 and v4. The application will autodetect and convert to v 4, and vice versa. Written by [[Trio]].
~{{image url="" link="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot" width="200"}}
~Included in some Puppies under //[[PuppyMenu]] > Utilities//
~Otherwise install an appropriate software package from the [[ forum thread]]
~[[SquashFS SFS files]]
~[[PETS2SFS]] - combine PET files into an SFS
~[[ forum topic]]

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