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File Types Index

Information about different files used in Puppy Linux.
Puppy Specific File Types
Package File Types
  • PET - Puppy software packages, loaded into SaveFile
  • SFS - Puppy software package, read-only, loaded as file-system layer
  • DEB - Debian/Ubuntu software packages, generally compatible with Puppy 5.2x Lucid
General File Types
  • BIN - executable program files
  • SFS - read only compressed file system
  • TAR - compressed files
  • TXZ, tar.xz - files using xz compression
  • TGZ, GZ, tar.gz - files using gz compression
Document Files
  • PPD - printer configuration files
  • PDF - portable document file
  • DjVu - stores scanned documents
Linux Files
.desktop files are the standard way for Linux programs to provide information about themselves

Also see
Internet Media Types
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