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==== How To Avoid Loading ""SaveFile"" ====
~When there is a single [[SaveFile pup savefile]] Puppy will automatically find and load it. To avoid this there are at least two methods, see below. This applies to [[frugal]] installations.

==Reasons to avoid loading Savefile==
~-To make a fresh pup save file when you shutdown/reboot.
~-To back up the savefile, which can be done by copying as long as it isn't in use (mounted).
~-To mount the savefile seperately from layered-filesystem to check its contents.
~-To repair the savefile using [[e2fsck]]

==Method 1 - Make Puppy give you the choice of savefile ==
~**1.** Make a dummy save-file.
~For example,
~if original save-file is called ##lupusave-name.2fs##
~make a file blank dummy file, calling the new one something like - ##lupusave-dummy.2fs##
~Ensure that the naming convention is retained, for Puppy Lucid 5.2x - ##lupusave-<name>.<2/3>fs##
~**2.** Reboot, Puppy it will give the opinion of which save-file to load, and also the opinion 0 - not to load any save-file.

==Method 2 - Prevent Puppy loading any ""SaveFiles""==
~Depending on your installation, if you have the Puppy boot screen
~it allows different settings to be used:-
~##puppy pfix=ram##
~If you are using a bootloader such as [[Grub]], you can add another option, and configure it to use this parameter.

==Also See==
~[[SaveFile save-files]]

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