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====How to Uninstall software====

==Uninstalling PET packages==
~A package can be uninstalled via the [[PPM Puppy Package Manager]], (this doubles up as a way to see what is installed):
~~-In Lucid Puppy 5.2x - A list of installed packages is shown in the main window, un-install packages by selecting one from this list.
~~-In Slacko Puppy 5.3x - Click on the 'uninstall' button. A list of installed packages is shown, un-install packages by selecting one from this list.
~//Slacko screenshot//
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~Some PETs may not uninstall cleanly. If unsure make a backup of your [[SaveFile Pup Save File]] before and after installing packages (frugal).
~An alternative is to use [[UnPet]], which is quicker than waiting for the [[PPM]] to load up.

==Uninstalling SFS packages==
~SFS packages are unloaded via the [[BootManager]] or [[SFSLoad]]. As SFS files are read-only and less likely to uninstall uncleanly.

==Removing Packages built-in to Base SFS==
~To remove package that are built-in to the BaseSFS use:
~//PuppyMenu > Setup > remove builtin packages//
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