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To be able to use Puppy create a LiveCD/DVD


Installation is optional and requires a LiveCD/DVD

"INSTALL PUPPY TO USB-STICK" (for windows user)

1. Download syslinux from

2. Download latest puppy linux iso

3. You need a file archiver like 7-Zip ("")

4. Clean up your usb stick (backup your data)

5. Extract the puppy iso to your usb drive using e.g. 7-zip
(it's important that the original file names will be kept, sometimes the archivers mess up with the names e.g. PUP_434.SFS instead of pup-434.sfs)

6. Extract syslinux to your hard drive. Using the windows cmd, cd to your syslinux folder (e.g. C:/syslinux/win32/)
enter in cmd "syslinux.exe -m -a X:" (where X: is your usb-stick).
You have now a bootable usb stick.

7. On your usb-stick rename the file "isolinux.cfg" to "syslinux.cfg".
You can delete "isolinux.bin", you won't need it.

8. Edit "syslinux.cfg" in a text editor
at the line "append initrd=initrd.gz pmedia=cd"
change "pmedia=cd" to "pmedia=usbflash".

9. Have fun with your new puppy usb stick


book by Grant Wilson downloadable as PDF
Puppy Linux 4.30 tutorial PDF
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Technical Support

Free support is available from the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum

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