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How to Start Using Puppy Linux

Make a Live CD or DVD - Make a Puppy Linux Live Disc

To familirize yourself with Puppy Linux boot a live disc. Test your hardware. Try the included software.
If you want to install Puppy Linux without a live disc then follow this procedure: Installing without a Live Disc

Free Technical Support

Free support is available from the Puppy Linux Forum

Download Puppy Linux

Download the latest production version of Puppy Linux.
Experimenters may want to Download the latest development version of Puppy Linux. (if any)


Netbook Setup EeePC
GRUB Quick Guide - GRand Unified Bootloader
Run Puppy from Windows 98. See also Pup4DOS
64 Meg or Less RAM
How To Install Puppy on a NTFS Partition ... i.e. most Windows XP/2000/NT installs

Configuring Puppy

Pwidgets Add some widgets to Puppy
Joes Window Manager
Keyboard Layouts
WiFi aka Wireless or IEEE 802.11
Multi Lingual Puppy
Adding Software


Interactions with Other Operating Systems

How to use a NTFS partition with Puppy Linux for Windows NT, 2000, and XP users.
List of HowTo's in the Puppy Forum
Install Puppy to a USB flash drive by using the Puppy Universal Installer
Run Linux off an USB stick?
Use the Console command line tutorial

Visual Enhancements


Minimum Hardware Requirements, see CategoryHardware.
PCMCIA wireless card
Trouble Booting USB Keys/USB Flash Drives
Changing Mouse


Puppy Internals

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