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====How to Add a SFS file to a Full Installation====
~Installing a SFS file in a Full installation is slightly more complicated than on a Frugal installation. Here are a few methods that work.

==Terminal method==
~1. Click on the .sfs file in a filer window to mount it.
~2. Open a terminal in the mounted directory and enter the following
# cp -a --remove-destination ./* /mnt/hda2/
# sync%%
~3. Click on the .sfs file to unmount it

~Note 1, the ##--remove-destination## option is **essential**. If you only use '-f' to force overwrite, it will follow (dereference) a symlink, that can cause unexpected overwrites.

~Note 2, replace ##/mnt/hda2/## with the name of the partition where Puppy is installed.

==GUI Methods==
~The utility [[SFSLoad SFS_Load]] can load SFS file on a Full Installation. Also, in QuickPet and SlickPet there is the //Sfs Get// tab to load SFSs which is compatible with Full installation.
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==Also on the Wiki==
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