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Puppy Linux IRC Chat

IRC is a form of instant communication over the Internet. It is intended for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication.

There are many ways for Puppy users to join our Puppy Linux IRC channels. The best method is to install a new IRC chat program or use an existing IRC client on your computer. Puppy Linux 1.0.8 and later will auto-join the main channel when you click the Chat desktop icon or select it in the menus. An alternative is to use a web-based IRC client.

Generally, the server is and the channel is #puppylinux. The main channel is for tech support and general chat. See ChatRoom for a quick start on how to connect or keep reading.

Puppy Linux IRC Rules

Please observe the few rules below (Yes, we need these, no one is exempt):
  1. Be polite - no foul language will be tolerated.
  2. Respect the users in the chat. Operators are indicated with the color Green or an @ symbol next to their nick, private message them about issues with other users (note this is the only time you may break rule 4)
  3. If you are unsure about anything related to IRC ask questions, we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
  4. Sending unsolicited Private Messages, (chatting back channel) is NOT allowed.
  5. If you think you were treated unfairly, send a Private Message via the main forum to J_Rey or an e-mail to Anacari (AKA T260G/^Cricket^) at kenji @ (Note: We will at least need the Nick of the person whom you wish to log a complaint against.)
  6. Personal bots are not allowed. Ask for an exception; if an exception is made then it must have a '_bot' tag appended to the Nick. Any bot without it will be kicked.
  7. Cloning, i.e. more than one client logged in from the same address, is also discouraged.

Use of the Freenode-hosted channel is subject to Freenode's policies and guidelines.

Using Web-based Clients

You can go to the Freenode Java Chat (which requires Java). SearchIRC offers another Java chat that requires Java & JavaScript. Make sure to click on the #puppylinux link for it to popup the new chat window.

You may also use the normal Freenode Web Chat site and most any browser. You may either enter any nickname you wish but to use a Freenode registered nickname then check the box for “Auth to services” and also enter your username and password. There's also the secure Freenode Web Chat.

Using IRC Programs

If you have a IRC-enabled browser (e.g. Opera or a Mozilla-based browser with ChatZilla installed), go to this URL, irc:// in your browser and then pick your nickname. To connect securely ircs:// may work too but is not as consistently supported.

The easiest way to join our chatroom when you are using Puppy is to click on the Chat icon on the desktop.


Ayttm is used in the Puppy 4.3.x series.


X-Chat is a powerful multi-platform IRC Chat program available for Puppy Linux as both a PupGet (1.8.11) and a DotPup (2.6.0) package. You may want to try an unofficial version for Windows.
this setup is for X-Chat 1.8; other versions of Xchat may vary Add the following info: Now each time you run Xchat from rxvt or the menu you will enter the Puppy Linux IRC channel
If you just want to use X-Chat for Puppy: When the X-Chat: Server List dialogue comes up, click on No ServerList on startup
Drag an X-Chat icon onto the desktop from /usr/local/bin



Gaim provides other IM (Instant Messenger) services such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber along with IRC and is included with Puppy Linux and is also available with Windows. In Puppy Linux 1.0.8 and later, Gaim (recent versions of it were renamed to Pidgin) will auto-join the main chat.

Watch a Flash video on setting up Gaim for IRC or:
  1. Open on Accounts
  2. Click on Add account.
  3. Change the protocol to IRC
  4. Enter a screen name...
  5. Change the Server to
  6. Click Buddies...Add Chat
  7. In the Channel Box add...#puppylinux
  8. Put a checkmark in Auto-Login if you want to go to the Puppy IRC Chat EVERY time you open Gaim. Otherwise, leave Auto-Login blank.

or if you've already started using Gaim
  1. Add Screen name
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click sign on
  4. Click on your Buddy List...Buddies...Add Chat
  5. Select your IRC ( account
  6. In the Channel Box add...#puppylinux
  7. Click on Add.
  8. Right Click on IRC-#puppylinux in the Buddy List window and set to Auto-Join. This will automatically join the #puppylinux channel anytime you connect to


ChatZilla is not included with the "1.8b1.5" Mozilla release included with recent versions. Although it could be installed later.

Install it with an existing Firefox, Mozilla, or SeaMonkey install (if needed):
Get it started:
  1. Run Chatzilla (via Window menu and under IRC Chat or icon in bottom left corner)
  2. Type /attach
  3. Type /join #puppylinux

Or you can create a bookmark for the Puppy Linux channel by editing an existing bookmark that you don't want anymore:
  1. Bookmarks menu -> Manage Bookmarks
  2. Right-click the bookmark to be replaced
  3. Select 'Properties'
  4. Replace the old name with something like: Puppy Linux IRC Chatroom
  5. Replace the Location with irc://
  6. Click 'OK' to save changes and there you go!

Opera IRC (part of the)Opera Internet Suite

The short story: type irc:// in the address box and press enter.
The long story:

Once Connected

connect graphic

Hints and tips on using IRC (Gaim specific but helpful)

  1. When using Gaim across several networks (Yahoo, MSN, IRC, etc.) simultaneously I find the Auto-login to every network rather cumbersome. My personal preference is to set all of my accounts so I have to manually log in.
  2. When you open Gaim, instead of selecting a specific account and then clicking the sign in button, I click the ACCOUNTS button and then place a checkmark in the ONLINE button of each account I wish to use during that Gaim session. This way you only have one instance of Gaim with several network windows, rather than 3 instances of Gaim with 1 network each.
  3. When chatting on multiple channels, if someone types something, that channel tab text will turn red (or another color) letting you know that someone is talking there.
  4. You may hold a private conversation with someone by double clicking their name. This opens a new window where you and that person may chat "backchannel". See rule #4 above!
  5. Gaim and others have a nice file-sharing system called DCC. If you want/need to share a file, it is nice to open a private conversation to discuss the file, then right click the recipients name and select send file. They will only receive the file if they accept it. IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO SET YOUR DCC TO AUTO-ACCEPT.
  6. Some channels have "bots". Bots are applications that loiter on an IRC channel to keep it open, log visitors, play trivia games with you, etc. Don't chat with them...they don't talk back. Wink Bots may be programmed to be malicious however, so be careful.
  7. Some IRC servers parade your IP address for everyone to see by using a simple /whois command. Puppy is a nice OS in that if you have your firewall on, it appears relatively "invisible" and doesn't seem to respond to ping attempts.
  8. See for lots more info about using IRC.

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