(image: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/images/avatars/15112716484d6fa77a15398.png) Ice Puppy Woof production developed by pemasu, making use of SnowPuppy

I dont want to take credit for something I havent done. I have merely found many Jemimah`s work so useful that I have applied them to my builds.
I am fond of Radky`s, Shinobar`s and 01mickos works also. Playdayz and Barry Kauler has done the base work for my derivatives producing the building platforms.

So far, on all of my LARGE platforms, this distro is superb. gcmartin
Download link: http://smokey01.com/pemasu/IcePuppy-014/
Previous drivers are in Ice Puppy-012 folder atm: http://smokey01.com/pemasu/IcePuppy-012

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