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{{image url=""}}[[ Ice Puppy]] Woof production developed by pemasu, making use of [[SnowPuppy]]

//I dont want to take credit for something I havent done. I have merely found many Jemimah`s work so useful that I have applied them to my builds.
I am fond of Radky`s, Shinobar`s and 01mickos works also. Playdayz and Barry Kauler has done the base work for my derivatives producing the building platforms. // **Pemasu**

//So far, on all of my LARGE platforms, this distro is superb. // **gcmartin**

Download link:
Previous drivers are in Ice Puppy-012 folder atm:

- Multicore Core CPU optimization
- Full kernel support for all available hardware
- Working usb booting
- Latest Qt4
- Default Programs Chooser
- GonGetIt

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