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Apart from running Puppy Linux from a full hard disk drive (H.D.D.) installation or from a LiveDVD, it is also possible to run it as a frugal installation, performed by extracting the contents of the ISO image to a directory on virtually any type of FAT32, NTFS, or EXT2/3/4 formatted partition.

When a frugal installation is desired, then it is convenient to have a LiveDVD because it can be used to install the required boot loader (either /wiki/applications/pre-installed/grub GRUB, SYSLINUX, or EXTLINUX depending on the format of the partition).

First acquire the latest, official, production version of Puppy Linux.

Installation from within Linux to any ext2/3/4 partition

Flash tutorial

Installation from within Microsoft Windows to any FAT16/32 partition without using an optical drive


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