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A frugal installation is performed by extracting the contents of the container ISO or ZIP file to any FAT32, NTFS or EXT4 formatted partition.

Fastest file-system for flash memory drives: EXT4 (requires latest e2fsprogs)

When a frugal installation is desired it is convenient to have a LiveDVD because it can be used to install the required boot loader, e.g. as shown here. Instructions are also provided below for situations when not using an optical disc drive.

First acquire the container file (either an ISO or ZIP file) of the desired Puppy Linux, e.g. Fluppy, Puppy 5 or Wary.

If the target partition or drive contains any files copy them elsewhere if required, because they will be destroyed when formatting.

If, after performing the installation processes given below, the computer does not boot into Puppy Linux from the U.S.B. flash drive follow the instructions in Appendices 1 and 3 at LiveDVD.

Installation to an U.S.B. flash (or external) drive

From within Puppy Linux From within Microsoft Windows

Installation to any Microsoft Windows partition and using GRUBforDOS" as boot-loader=== __Installing the boot-loader to the internal hard disk drive (where Microsoft Windows resides)__ __Installing the boot-loader to an external drive__ ==={{color text="References" c="black"}}=== (see next reference also) ===Appendix 1 [Preparing the U.S.B. device]=== - Download and install recent versions of: [[dosfstools]], [[e2fsprogs]], [[NTFS3G NTFS-3G]], [[tar]], [[grep]], [[parted]] - Determine the __correct__ target device name of the U.S.B. flash memory drive to work on, e.g. sdX: %%probedisk2%% - (Optional) Verify that all existing data is //destroyed// of target partition X: %%dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdX && dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX%% - Zero the first 512 bytes of the boot partition X1 to delete any existing M.B.R. boot code and partition table (disklabel): %%dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX1 bs=512 count=1%% - Create a new //partition table// (disklabel) on the correct target device,, e.g. using //sdb// as target device: %%parted /dev/sdb mklabel msdos%% - Create new //partition(s)// on the correct target device: //Menu > System > [[GParted]] > Partition > New// - Ensure the correct device is //unmounted//: //Menu > System > GParted > Partition > Unmount// - Create the required file system (//formatting//) on the partition(s) of the correct device: //Menu > System > GParted > Partition > Format to// - Set the //boot flag// on the device: //Menu > System > GParted > Partition > Manage Flags > boot// ===Appendix 2 [Installing Puppy to the U.S.B. device]=== - Click on the Puppy ISO (or ZIP) file to open its contents - Copy to the U.S.B. flash drive the files: //vmlinuz//, //initrd.gz//, and all those with the extensions //.sfs//, and //.cfg// ===Appendix 3 [Installing a boot-loader to the U.S.B. device]=== Use either SYSLINUX or GRUB for DOS (recommended). __Using SYSLINUX for FAT32 partitions__ - Download and install recent version of [[SYSLINUX]] - Install the boot-loader code to the M.B.R. of the target drive X: %%dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX%% or %%cat /usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin > /dev/sdX%% - Install the boot-loader file //ldlinux.sys// to the target partition X1: %%syslinux -i --stupid /dev/sdX1%% - Rename the boot-loader configuration file //isolinux.cfg// to //syslinux.cfg// - Edit //syslinux.cfg// in a text editor: change "pmedia=cd" to "pmedia=**usbflash**" - Reboot the computer with the U.S.B. flash drive connected __Using GRUBforDOS for FAT32, EXT4, and NTFS partitions__ - Download and install the latest version of [[ Grub4DosConfig]] (if necessary) - Install the boot-loader code to the M.B.R. of the target drive X: --time-out=0 /dev/sdX%% - Install the boot-loader file //grldr//: %%wget -c --directory-prefix=/mnt/home - The boot-loader configuration file //menu.lst// can be created or updated using [[ Grub4DosConfig]]: //Menu > System > Grub4Dos""
  • Reboot the computer with the U.S.B. flash drive connected

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