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Apart from running Puppy Linux from a full hard disk drive (H.D.D.) installation or from a LiveDVD, it is also possible to run it as a frugal installation, performed by extracting the contents of the ISO image to a directory on virtually any type of FAT32, NTFS, or EXT2/3/4 formatted partition.

When a frugal installation is desired, then it is convenient to have a LiveDVD because it can be used to install the required boot loader (either GRUB, SYSLINUX, or EXTLINUX depending on the formatting of the partition).

First acquire the desired Puppy Linux iso or zip file, e.g. Fluppy, Puppy 5 or Puppy 5 (multi-lingual)

Installation to any partition using an optical drive

Flash tutorial

Installation to an U.S.B flash drive without using an optical drive

From within Puppy From within Microsoft Windows
  • Format the U.S.B flash drive to FAT32 using Menu > System > GParted
  • When using FAT32 partitions, the bootloader syslinux, instead of GRUB, is required
  • Extract the contents of the Puppy iso or zip file to the partition, using e.g. 7-zip, (it is important that the original file names be kept)
  • Rename the file "isolinux.cfg" to "syslinux.cfg"
  • Delete the file "isolinux.bin"
  • Edit "syslinux.cfg" in a text editor: change "pmedia=cd" to "pmedia=usbflash"
  • Extract syslinux to a folder, e.g. C:/syslinux. Then go to C:/syslinux/win32/ and run this command to make the drive bootable (where X: is the drive letter for the target drive/partition):
    syslinux.exe -m -a X:


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