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Configure PuppyMenu

Tools to add and remove items
The is easiest way is to use Menu Entry Maker or Pmenu which allow visual editing.

Creating a menu entry for Puppy
.desktop files are the standard way for Linux programs to provide information about themselves and how they are run. These files are stored at /usr/share/applications. There Categories= entry controls which submenu they appears in. Run fixmenus and restart window manager after making alterations. See .desktop for more informaton.

How to make a new submenu in the JWM menu
1. Create a new .menu file in /etc/xdg/menus for your submenu, ensure the categories you want are in the submenu are included.
2. Edit /etc/xdg/templates/_root_.jwmrc to tell it about he new .menu file you made.
3. A program's .desktop file (in /usr/share/applications) sets its category and therefore which submenu it appears in.
4. To set the icon creat a .directory file in /usr/share/desktop-directories.
5. Enter the commands fixmenus then jwm -restart to update Puppy

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