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====JWM Testing====
~Help improve the JWM window manager by testing the latest version.
~[[scsijon]] needs a decent number of testers for JWM version 716 - across as many different puppy's as possible. This will help create a stable release version, hopefully on the 24th Mar 2013. Then he knows it's clean before working on the enhancements!
~Please report on the [[ JWM Desktop Updates to V704 (Release) and V716 (Test) report thread]]. The relevant pets are attached to the first post. You may also need micks [[]] if you haven't already tested as the jwm2 model being worked with doesn't include configuration files.

==Release Dates==
|=|Date |=|Release |=|Test (version) |=|
||28th Mar 2013 || V704 || V716 ||

==Related Webpages==
~[[ JWM V691, V704 test report thread]]
~[[ download]] - configuration files

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