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Java Runtime Environment makes available extra functionality for certain programs, e.g. OpenOffice

Javascript has nothing to do with Java Runtime Environment

Most users will not need Java Runtime Environment.

J.R.E. software package(s)
For those on dial-up it is recommended to use the wget command, by entering into a terminal either of these two commands (file is downloaded to /mnt/home):
wget -t0 --retry-connrefused -c -N -S --wait=2 --random-wait --no-dns-cache --prefer-family=IPv6 --directory-prefix=/mnt/home --no-cache --no-cookies

wget -t0 --retry-connrefused -c -N -S --wait=2 --random-wait --no-dns-cache --prefer-family=IPv6 --directory-prefix=/mnt/home --no-cache --no-cookies


Download J.R.E. from Select the “Linux (self-extracting file)” not the one with RPM in the name. Open a Rox-Filer window of the directory containing the downloaded file. Right-click on the file and select Permissions and Yes to make the file executable. Right-click and select Window > Terminal Here, and enter

Do not forget the "./" to begin (that is period – forward slash, to indicate that the file is found in the current directory). You will need to scroll down with the Enter key to accept the license agreement and then the install program will create a folder named something like jre-1.6.0_XX.

Configuring Applications After J.R.E. Installation

Go to: Tools > Options > Java

Go to: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Enable Java

Go to: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Enable Java
Click Java options; click Choose to select the Java path mnt/home/java/lib/i386; click Validate Java Path.

Go to: Tools > Options > Content > Enable Java

Confirmation of J.R.E. Installation

Test 1
Test 2

Verify Java Version

J.R.E. Multiple Vulnerabilities


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