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My name is Josh Reynolds, my normal nickname is [[ J_Rey]], but my Wiki name is JeyRey. I'm a younger guy living in Northwest Florida, U.S.A. (Central Time Zone). If you need to, you can contact me with a Private Message (PM) through [[ our main forum]] or in our ChatRoom or using jjr6742 with both [[ Yahoo Messenger]]""<b style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66"><a href="">
<img border="0" src="">
</a></b>"" and [[ AIM]]""<a href="aim:GoIM?screenname=jjr6742">
<img src="" border="0"/></a>"" or use Jey_Rey with [[ Skype]] or just ask and I'll probably give you my normal e-mail if you prefer that.

Well, I've been using and somewhat actively following Puppy Linux since the very end of 2004. I decided to try it out when I was looking for a small distro to put on my USB flash drive. Since then I've been hooked. :-) I typically dual-boot Puppy Linux (and derivatives) and Windows. Back when I had a Windows 98 machine I created Pup4DOS to make it easy to dual-boot without needing a floppy/CD or modifying partitions, etc.

I can sometimes be found in our [[ChatRoom chatrooms]] chatting and giving assistance. On my free time, I have contributed to the [[HomePage wiki]], [[ each forum]], the [[ site]], the old documentation pages (site no longer available), various other Puppy Linux web pages and help testing out Puppy Linux. Now as far as titles/resposibilities go, I'm just a volunteer like most of us, but I am the main channel admin ([[ Op]]) at our IRC ChatRoom, have admin access to [[ our news site]] & this [[HomePage wiki]] (was admin with both previous [[ CMS's]], was a member of the former Puppy Linux [[ Documentation Committee]], was the primary administrator at our temporary [[ unofficial Puppy Linux Discussion Forum]] till it went offline, and was elected to be the interim secretary of the [[ Puppy Linux Foundation]].

Outside of Puppy Linux and computers (AKA In Real Life), I was a Technical Support Representative for a wireless Internet service provider for many years but am doing contract work now. You can check out [[ my Google Profile]] for more info & to find me on various social networks.

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