I use Keepass 1 on a Windows installation (as well as Android) all platforms support ver 1. And I keep that basic file in a dropbox which helps make things easier to update to several machines at once.

I installed Puppy Tahr (PAE 6.0.2) (latest stable version June 2015) and used one of the PETs to install Wine. I wasn't sure which way to find and use the right linux version so I tried getting the Windows version http://keepass.info/download.html and I chose the Portable Classic edition (Supported platforms include Wine) and downloaded. I packed up that Zip file, KeePass-1.29.zip to /usr/wine (which I created. Don't know if that's the best place) and clicked on the .exe file. Wine automatically started up, but said it needed something, Mono?, to support the NET framework and offered to install that. It did and took a couple minutes. Then it said it need something, Gecko?, to support imbedded HTML. I got that too. That KeePass was able to start and I could navigate to the windows partition, after mounting, and open the password database.
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