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Language Codes

Code Language Homepage About Category Bar English Name
bd বাংলা Homepage - cat No Bengali
cn 中文 Homepage - cat Yes Chinese
de Deutsch Hauptseite über Kategorie Yes German
es Español página principal - Categoría Yes Spanish
fr Français accueil- Catégorie Yes French
gr ελληνικά Homepage - κατηγορία Yes Greek
hu Magyar Honlap - kategória Yes Hungarian
it italiano Homepage - cat Yes Italian
ja 日本人 Homepage - cat Yes Japanese
kr 한국의 Homepage - cat Yes Korean
nl Nederlands Homepage - cat Yes Dutch
pl Polski Homepage - cat Yes Polish
pt Português Homepage - cat Yes Portuguese
ru русский Homepage - категории Yes Russian
se Svensk Homepage - cat Yes Swedish
th ภาษาไทย ภาษาไทย - cat No Thai
us English Homepage About Category Yes English
vn tiếng Việt Homepage - cat Yes Vietnamese
-- - - - cat No -

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