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LazPaint is an image editor with layers. It can interoperate with
other layered editors via OpenRaster format. Rendering is done with
antialiasing and gamma correction.
It can read/write usual image formats. It imports Paint.NET files (with their
layer structure) and Photoshop files (as flattened images). Also
you can import 3d objects in Wavefront (.obj) format.
It provides many color manipulation functions, complex selection functions,
various filters and rendering of textures.
It's still under development.

Known bugs
Sometimes, the up/down buttons of the text tool may get stuck and you
cannot take control over anymore. So before you add text to your
image, save it so you can get back to it if you had to terminate the
Latest version seems stable, however, if you get an error message,
click Ok or ignore, do not choose to exit the program or you will lose
you last changes. Then Save As another file. So you can check that
your work has been saved properly and use your previous file as a

Recent puppies such as Precise, Raring and Slacko

Download (Pet or SFS packages available)

Version 6.2

Version 5.6


LazPaint on Slackware Puppy


Contour filter


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