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~**""LazPaint""** is an image editor with layers. It can interoperate with
~other layered editors via [[ OpenRaster]] format. Rendering is done with
~antialiasing and gamma correction.

~It can read/write usual image formats. It imports [[ Paint.NET]] files (with their
~layer structure) and Photoshop files (as flattened images). Also
~you can import 3d objects in [[ Wavefront (.obj)]] format.

~It provides many color manipulation functions, complex selection functions,
~various filters and rendering of textures.

~It's still under development.

==Known bugs==
~Sometimes, the up/down buttons of the text tool may get stuck and you
~cannot take control over anymore. So before you add text to your
~image, save it so you can get back to it if you had to terminate the

~Latest version seems stable, however, if you get an error message,
~click Ok or ignore, do not choose to exit the program or you will lose
~you last changes. Then Save As another file. So you can check that
~your work has been saved properly and use your previous file as a

~Recent puppies such as Precise, Raring and Slacko

==Download (Pet or SFS packages available)==
===Version 6.2===
~[[ SFS (3.3mb)]]
~[[ Pet (3.2mb)]]

===Version 5.6===
~[[ Pet (3mb)]]

===LazPaint on Slackware Puppy===
~{{image url=""}}
===Contour filter===
~{{image url=""}}

==Related Webpages==
~[[ LazPaint project page]]
~[[ LazPaint Puppy thread]]
~[[ LazPaint on Facebook]]

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