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Some Youtube Reviews just don't get it!

At first it's funny watching a review done by someone on Legacy OS that just doesn't get what Legacy OS is all about. Then you realize this person is actually doing more damage then good by doing such a review. Personally when I watch a review I want the person doing the review to have spent time using the system their reviewing. I want them to highlight the good and the bad. Only though using such a System can they make an informed judgement and write a useful review. For some reason a lot of reviewers on Youtube think just by going through the menu reading out the available Applications that makes a review. Well it doesn't, especially when they have no real knowledge of the Applications their talking about.

What is Legacy OS 2.1 really and why it's not for you!

Lets imagine your in prison the warden says "The community has kindly donated some old Pentium III computers and you have to decide what Operating System to run on it. We'll let you do some research as you're only going to be allowed one iso download." The computer only has a CD Drive and 256Mb's of Ram. The warden also says "You'll get little or no Internet access so installing updates and extra Applications is out of the question. This is a one time deal!" This crazy little story may give you some insight in to why Legacy OS was created. No I secretly don't have a desire to be in prisons around the world. What I do have a desire for is the poor gaining access to as many Applications I could fit on one CD who don't have internet access. Of course not everyone will require ever included Application. Some with prefer one Application over another and that's the reason there's so many similar Applications included. Legacy OS gives you choices. If you're not poor or in prison and can afford newer Hardware (Computers) Legacy OS is not for you.

Legacy OS 2.1 LTS Released!

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Today sees the release of Legacy OS 2.1 LTS (Long Term Release) the final Series 2 release ever! While there won't be any new releases for the 2 Series you can still expect new applications will be added to the repository over time. In this release you'll find some new applications and a few that have been update like the Opera Web Browser. Those who are currently using Legacy OS 2 will notice an improvement in Usability / Look and Feel. A number of configuring applications that once looked more like scripts now look like normal applications. With over 200 menu choices for users to choose from Legacy OS 2.1 LTS brings together a collection of extremely useful applications that could make a Pentium III PC far more useful then a user could imagine. Install once and use for years to come.

Update: Over 21,000 Downloads

User Comments at SourceForge


I've been using LegacyOS off and on up until a few years ago (LegacyOS 1, then Legacy OS 2) until I started using it full time to keep from throwing out my Windows 98 box (450Mhz, 512M ram, 4Gig HD, 32Gig Usb flash drive, DVD-Rom/CD-RW.). The family member who gave it to me said they spent 2,000 dollars for it at the time, with only the best they could get for then (pre-2000). I have long since lost my Win98 CD, and 'XP' would probably give me a lot of 'hickups' along the way for this machine, so I did a little research on linux and tried a couple dozen live CDs, and Puppy Linux ran the smoothest (in ram). LegacyOS looked nice and had everything I needed plus it had the real 'deal-breaker' for me that I had with all the other Linux Distros; -Games! (-Usually not enough games (or none.)); I think if you are going to have all that useful stuff (-productive stuff), then by-god, you can make room for some games. How can you expect us Windows users to migrate to Linux without a good bit of recreation. -You can't expect the rest of the family to warm up to a 'Productive and virus-free' desktop that they are forever crowing about without something in it for the family... I've been using LegacyOS 1 (I prefer the lighter looking classic windows-like desktop of OS1 to the darker modern looking LegacyOS2, or 2.1) for a couple of years now, and honestly, I haven't found anything that even comes close; certainly not the bloated Ubuntu, which has gotten so SLOW and resource hungry that it has become a pitiful windows 'wanna-be' on older machines instead of the 'contender' that it promised to be. To be blunt, Ubuntu is so SORRY looking on older machines that it has set back Linux 15 years! A black hole that it will never get out of! If it won't run right on older machines, then what's the point! -Not everyone can pony up 400 dollars at Walmart for an E-machine. Simply put, then, the game is over. Its so BAD on slower machines that It makes Windows look better than it is! So much for PROGRESS... it's a step back as far as I'm concerned. Well this computer and a few others I have wont be going to the landfill for a long time thanks to LegacyOS. As for my Ubuntu disks..., well that's another story. -Thank you for LegacyOS! it's sort of, a better 'windows' than windows... -Chip in Ohio. (…less)
Posted 04/17/2014


Great software, thanks legacyoslinux
Posted 09/12/2012

What to Support and spread the word, please click regularly to get Legacy OS in to the Top 100

To Keep Legacy OS 2.1 LTS climbing the Distrowatch charts please click here:

Reviewers I need your Help!

Legacy OS 2.1 LTS is an evolution of all releases that came before it. A review would boost awareness of what is a truly great Operating System for Pentium III based PC's and Laptops. Last review back in 2009 when Legacy OS was known as TEENpup. If your using Legacy OS 2.1 LTS and want to spread the word so others can also benefit please ask your favorite Linux Reviewer to do a review. Please Note: Legacy OS is provided free of charge, I make no money from developing it. I'm asking for your support not to make me richer $0 times 10 or 10000 still equals $0 but to save still useful Pentium III PC's and Laptops from ending up in Landfill.

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I need your help to make Legacy OS 2.1 LTS Better

I've taken Legacy OS 2.1 LTS as far as I can and are looking for Talented Programmers / Users to make it better for everyone. Any Improvements won't find there way in to a new release but will be provided at SourceForge with credit to the User who created them. Imagine Legacy OS 2.1 LTS as a Core to build on. If you've created a new Icewm theme your using on your install of Legacy OS and want to share for others to enjoy, here's the place to share. An example of what I'm looking for is the availability of Flashplayer 11.2 listed below. After Legacy OS 2.1 LTS's release a user provided a specially Hacked version compatible with Legacy OS 2 Series. Without this user taking the time to share I would never have known about its existence. It's now here for everyone to enjoy! Users over the years have asked for WiFi support and basically I don't have the ability to create the necessary drivers and system files to support Wifi anf WPA2 encryption. Trust me I've tried with little success. I need your help to bring better support for WiFi to Legacy. A link to the Puppy Linux Forum has been created to allow the sharing of Ideas, Patches and general chat. Find it Here:

Customize your Desktop

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Download Icewm-Theme-Pack Here:

Flashplayer 11.2 Now Available

Download Here:

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Download iso from Here!

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Download Extra Applications from Here: Note: Depending on the version of Legacy OS 2 your using some Applications included in the Repository may already be installed on your system. Please check Menu before downloading an already installed Application.

How to Install Extra Applications Guide Here

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Download Install Guide Here:
Note: If you've never installed extra Applications in Legacy OS before you need to read and understand this guide. Failure to do so will most likely result in a failed install. You've been warned!

Legacy OS 2.1 Gamer available NOW!

To start things off Legacy OS 2 Gamer has been released. Months of testing and searching the Internet for Pentium III compatible Games has resulted in this release. From Card games to 3D type games like Prboom the open source release of the classic game Doom, this release will bring many hours of fun for families who can't afford Quad Core Gaming PC's and only have access to Pentium III and 4 PC's. Also included in this release is Opera 12 Web Browser with Flash for excellent HTML5 Internet browsing and Amarok Music Player to manage your music collection. Pentium III PC's make great Jukeboxes when connected to a Amplifier and a couple of Speakers. To complete this release and upcoming releases the look and feel has been updated. Just does tell friends how old your PC is and they'll never know. (Please Note: Legacy OS 2.1 Gamer is for PC's built from 2000 to 2006. While most of these PC's will run Legacy OS, due to the large number of variances in Hardware Specification not all will be supported. As Legacy OS is a free download all you have to lose is one blank CD.)

Update: Over 20,000 Downloads Happy Gaming

Download from Here!

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Legacy OS : The best way to be compatible with old Hardware is to build on top of an old legacy System Core...

Each Legacy OS Series 2 release builds on the release before. Legacy OS 2 Series System Core dates back to 2006. It is about refining a concept to bring Users of old Computers an Operating System built for Today's needs up to a point. WiFi and Bluetooth aren't supported due to the fact the Hardware Legacy OS Series 2 is intended for most likely doesn't have them installed. Ethernet and Dial Up connection only. Turn a Windows 98/ME/XP SP1 PC in to a modern usable Desktop to surf the Net, Listen to Music, Create documents, Play Games and More.

Legacy OS Series 2 sadly won't run on all 2000 to 2006 PC's released. As Legacy OS is a free download all you have to lose is one blank CD. Try Legacy OS Live before installing to confirm compatibility with your Hardware. (Note: Generally the more basic the hardware the more chance you have of a successful install! Fancy Graphic Cards and alike aren't supported. If you have such Hardware Legacy OS 2 isn't for you!)


Legacy OS 2 fits on a CD so old PC's with CD Drives only can still use Legacy. What's the use of providing a Legacy Operating System on a DVD if the User can't run it?
I do a lot of testing of other Distro's to see what the world of "Open Source" is up to and not develop in isolation. What really disappoints me is how little is included in these so called Mini Distro's. A user has to spend hours adding all the Applications they need which in turn no longer make these Mini Distro's MINI !!!

At this point even I realize how unique Legacy OS 2 really is. The number of Applications included in Legacy OS 2 by default really is amazing. Years of searching the Internet for lost forgot gems and incorporating in Legacy brings to the user a great install and use Operating System. In 15-30 minutes a user can install Legacy OS 2 to a COMPATIBLE 2000 - 2006 PC / Laptop and begin watching Youtube, playing MP3's etc which normally requires some extra install of so called "Restricted" pack. Now lets say a user has no access to the Internet for one reason or another and requires Codecs etc what do they do?

Find some unwanted unloved 2000 - 2006 PC / Laptop and see just how usable Legacy OS 2 really can be...

Not heard of Legacy OS formerly TEENpup Linux before? What's it history?

Legacy OS 2.1 Gamer is the Tenth release with version 1.0.0 originally being released back in March 2007

What's the Difference between Legacy OS 2 and Legacy OS 4 Mini

Legacy OS 2 is based on the Puppy 2 Series (Kernel 2.6.18)
Legacy OS 4 Mini is based on the Puppy 4 Series (Kernel 2.6.25)


Legacy OS 4 Mini.iso included on 2nd DVD of October 2012 issue of Linux Format Magazine

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If you've brought this issue and would like to try Legacy OS 4 Mini then there is no need for you to download the iso.

2012 Legacy OS 4 Mini is Here!

Today sees the release of Legacy OS 4 Mini an Update / Replacement for TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta. Those updating from TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta will need to save any important documents, music etc to an external Hard Drive, USB stick etc as a full reinstall is required to update to this new version, sorry!
This release sees TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta rebranded to Legacy OS 4 Mini. Users now have a choice between Legacy OS 2 (Puppy Series 2 based) and Legacy OS 4 Mini (Puppy Series 4 based) depending on Hardware / Requirements.

New to Legacy OS, what’s with the name? Legacy OS as the name suggests is a Linux Distribution designed to run on obsolete Legacy Hardware. A User should be able to bring back to life a PC or Laptop running a Pentium III or 4 Processor. This release of Legacy OS is targeted at users running a minimum of the following: Pentium III 800Mhz Processor with 256Mb’s of Ram and a minimum of 4GB for the Hard Drive. Those with the last generation of Pentium 4 Processors with 1GB of Ram and a 40GB plus size Hard Drive will enjoy applications that open fast and run fast.

Another important aspect of Legacy OS is the way it looks. Just because you're using legacy Hardware doesn't mean it needs to look like it. Very few Users want to use something that looks like Windows 95. Legacy OS 4 Mini brings to a user a modern up to date Desktop with a Quick Launch Application / Information Sidebar unique to Legacy OS.

With this release come a large number of improvements which will provide the average User with a better overall experience. Legacy OS 4 Mini now includes Firefox and Opera by default. To make your online experience as enjoyable as possible, Adobe Flashplayer 11, Java 1.6.0_30 and a number of other Plugins and Codecs are included ready to go. No need to download anything once the install is completed. For Chat Skype and Pidgin are included. Transmission and Ktorrent are included for file sharing. Osmo and Kontact for managing Appointments, Birthdays, Phone Numbers and more. Amarok and Javatunes should be able to manage anyone’s Music Collection. Photo collections will be easily managed by Digikam. From playing CD’s to ripping them to MP3 it’s all included. Ebooks are covered by FBreader, Pdf’s by Foxit and Kpdf. Got a need to create some Graphics / Drawing apps like Qcad, Kivio, Kolourpaint, Inkscape, Dia, JFdraw, Kiconedit have you covered. Want to watch Movies on your PC / Laptop, Legacy OS 4 Mini comes with a large range of Multimedia Players and Codecs by default.

I encourage a user to spent time with this release, because only with time will a user discover how usable Legacy OS 4 Mini can be.

Download Legacy OS 4 Mini Here

Video Review by Sneekylinux

2011 Release Announcement for Legacy OS 2

After 9 months of development, today sees the release of Legacy OS 2.
With this release comes a host of improvements over Legacy OS. Many questions were asked about what makes a good Operating System. Users who have installed and used the previous release of Legacy OS regularly for a period of time will notice the improvements. I recommend everyone using Legacy OS to upgrade to Legacy OS 2. (Requires Re-install)

Where to start? The focus was to look at all expects of Legacy OS and make improvements.
We started by looking at the default Desktop and the gtk and kde themes it used.
It was decided to create a pleasant neutral look to tie all the include applications together. A desktop environment that was easy on the eye and usable every day. The look had to be usable for those who want or need to use Legacy OS 2 as their main Operating System.
While the gtk and kde themes share common elements, there are differences by design.
You'll only find one Window Manager (ICEWM). One icewm, gtk and kde theme. The goal was to keep it as simple as possible. We didn't want to confuse new users with multiple options.
Next was the look and feel of the applications. How does each application look to the user.
Does it look dated, what can we do to make it more visually appealing so users will want to use it. Can it be updated to a later version?

A large number of icons were replaced and for the first time new icons were created or modified especially for Legacy OS 2. Unique start up "Splash" imagines were created for a number of Applications.
We looked at ways of making it easier and faster to access applications through the sidebar, task bar and menu.
Where needed pop up messages provide unique information about an application to a user.
Applications like the ROX File Manager allow easy access to tasks by just right mouse clicking on a file.

Now it was time to turn our attention to the Applications included in Legacy OS.
Any application for one reason or another not up to standard was removed. Unused system files were deleted.
Archived repositories of many Distro's were searched for suitable applications. Forum's were searched back a number of years for lost and forgotten applications. These all had to be tested.
All the applications included in Legacy OS 2 were chosen for one reason or another. Yes we know there are newer versions available. What we looked for wasn't the age of the application but its usability, reliability and suitability on the Legacy Hardware this Operating System is designed for.

Applications New in Legacy OS 2:
asunder 1.6.2 (Music CD Ripper)
gwenview 1.1.8 (Image Manager)
k9copy 1.0.4 (DVD9 to DVD5 converter)
kadu 0.6.0 (Internet Chat Client for Linux)
kalcul 0.1 (Allows children to test their Maths skills)
kamix 0.6.6 (Sound Mixer will lots of options)
kdocker 1.3 (Docks open Applications in to the system tray)
kid3 0.5 (Edit/Rename MP3 song files)
koverartist 0.3.2 (Create CD/DVD cover art)
ksquirrel 0.8.0 (Image / document viewer)
kuake 0.3 (Pop down Terminal)
mandvd v2.2 (Video DVD Creator)
mrxvt 0.5.1 (Terminal)
multimedia converter 1.5 (Convert many Video/Sound formats easily)
oregano 0.40.4 (Schematic capture and circuit simulation)
pconvert v2.15-1 (Units Converter cms to inches, kmh to mph etc)
qalculate v0.7.2 (Units Converter cms to inches, kmh to mph etc and more)
quacc v3.5 (Home accounting software)
rekordmydesktop 0.3 (Record your desktop in to OGG format)
screensaver mu-v0.2 (MU's experimental basic Screensaver improved)
tuxpaint 0.9.14 (Small children's paint Application)
xvidcap 1.1.5 (Record parts of your desktop in to Mpeg format)
you2pup 2.1.4 (Download and convert videos from Youtube)

Applications Removed for the following reasons:
fluxbox 0.9.3 (To focus on one window manager only)
frostwire 4.13.3 (No longer connected to Host/Legal problems with files)
kooldock 0.3 (Again to focus on one window manager)
kover 2.9.6 (Replaced KoverArtist)
kuickshow 0.8.12 (Replaced by better Applications)
numerical chameleon 1.6.0 (Replaced by Qalculate)
showimg (Replaced by better Applications)
grip 3.0.0 (Replaced by Asunder)

A number of files applications rely on have also been updating.
For Example: ffmpeg updated to 0.6.1 (A number of newer multimedia formats now supported)

The Hard Drive Installer has been improved within the original framework. Message boxes to guide a user through the install and rewording of the Installer should allow more users to successfully install Legacy OS 2 on their Hard Drives. While it's no up to Ubuntu standards, it's still an improvement over the Installer in Legacy OS.

The above processors were performed many times over and are what makes Legacy OS 2 our best release ever!
I hope you enjoy using Legacy OS 2 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

Download from here!

Legacy OS 2

Independent Video Review - Judge for Yourself

Video Link:

Find out more about these extra Applications and new additions to the repository on the Puppy Forum.
Join the forum and post a comment!


Legacy OS Doesn't work on my PC? Why?

During development Legacy OS is tested on 8 different PC's and 2 Laptops to confirm it runs with no problems. It appears from Feedback received that those experiencing problems may be using PC's / Laptop's that are "TOO NEW!".

The best PC's / Laptop's to try Legacy OS on don't have fancy Graphics Cards etc. Your looking for PC / Laptop that came with a 800 Mhz or greater Pentium III or 4 Processor (CPU), 256Mb of RAM and a 4Gb Hard Drive. Most basic PC's / Laptop's built between 2000 and 2006 should work.

Download the Quick Guide to Legacy OS before downloading the iso

Guide in PDF Format:

Available Application User Guides
Prozilla Downloader User Guide in PDF Format:
Update Packs User Guide in PDF Format:

Installing Legacy OS to Hard Drive Written Guide
Guide in PDF Format:

Installing Legacy OS to Hard Drive the definite Video Guide

5.2 logo

Thanks to "sneekylinux" anyone can learn to Format and install Legacy OS to their Hard Drive, Setup their Screen Resolution with "Xvesa" when "Xorg" doesn't work , Configure their Sound if not auto detected at boot up and get their Ethernet (wired) Internet connection set up all in this wonderful 11 minute Video !!!

Video Link:

Independent Video Review - Judge for Yourself

Video Link:


Legacy OS has the most chance of working on a old PC / Laptop that came with a IDE Hard Drive, basic on board graphics and not to much else.
Expecting it to run on a modern duo core PC with the latest and greatest graphics card, Wifi, Bluetooth and have them all work is asking to much.

My advice is to seek what you'd think would be the best candidate for the nearest Landfill site and boot Legacy OS up on that.

The Bad News: If you successfully get it up and running, forget about using it Wirelessly (you may be lucky as minimum wireless driver support) or connecting your Bluetooth device to it. Also don't expect much luck with your Webcam either. Legacy OS isn't sounding that great is it! maybe its not for you.

The Good News: Once you except the limitations of Legacy OS you will start to appreciate what Legacy OS had to offer. Start by connecting it by Ethernet (Wired) once you have that up and running, you now have the perfect tool to do a bit of Web surfing, keeping up with friends on and Twitter, receive Emails, write a quick letter, create a 3D drawing, listen to MP3's, watch a few AVI's, download stuff the list goes on and on.

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See Legacy OS as a second PC for the family or child you wouldn't have because the budget at the moment won't extend to buying a new $$$ one.

Don't have a second PC even an old one? Worldwide there are a large number of old PC's sitting idle just waiting for Legacy OS to bring them back to life. Asking a family member or friend if they have one tucked away, the answer might surprise you when they happily thank you for taking it, saving them a trip to the local dump...

Note: Previous release information removed to prevent confusion
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