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Lighthouse puppy is this the right puppy for you.

Lighthouse puppy is a great puplet. It is built using 3 different puppy linux versions. 431 woof and spup (slackware baised pupy) I currently am using lighthouse as I like the look and feel and it has some features not currently in many puppies. I also like the fact that it gives the look and feel of a bigger linux operating sysem To save space and not bloat the os. I have just instaled 431 based pupy .pet apps. Which work great and have been all I need. I have not tried installing slackware apps at this time. Lighthouse has a a number of desktop environmets and window managers. You can choose from iceWM, JWM, lxde, openbox and even kde. Also you can set up and run compiz fusion giving you fance desktop effects found in other linux operating systems such as ubuntu. There are also a lot of great apps in .sfs format from the lighthouse website to again help and save space of the os. Lighthouse puppy is a lot bigger than most pupys so the later versions may not run on older computers. For other general information click here to go to link on the lighthouse puppy webpage.

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