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Recently been running [[Puppy533 Puppy 5.3.3 'Slacko']] and started [[PuppySchool]]
I was happy to start the Puppy page on wikipedia, start the first IRC channel, develop our first news wiki, now possibly archived, create early logos, podcasts and promos and so on. Some of these projects are now mature and widely supported and used. Lately been creating [[TutorialYouTube vids]] using Openshot and gearing up for the [[ move to the ARM CPU]]

==Example Involvement==
[[ Puppy 2012]]
[[ Beginners info]]
[[ Puppy Fatdog64]]

I am not really a coder but occasionally . . .
[[ Growl Security front end]]
[[ Pwget]]
Started programming for ""PuppyVOIP""
Some code incorporated in Quickpet

I am a [[ YinYana]] Buddhist and operative alchemist.
[[BuddhistYAP My Puppy based Buddhist program]]
[[ Lobster Tmxxine Time Travel site]]

ed.jason AT
or PM on [[ John Murgas forum]]

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