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OK here is my process for a new run from DVD of 525

First Preparing
1. backup html bookmarks (onto HD)
2. move any essential files to hard disk
3. download and burn ISO

Now first run
1. 'puppy pfix=ram'
I do this because I will have a previous save file and do not want to boot with that config
This is all new - Puppy Lucid from scratch . . .
2. Turned on firewall from icon bar bottom left only . . .
I right clicked on the firewall wizard several times
before I realized I had to run the wizard before I could turn it off and on Embarassed
left clicking runs wizard - so that is good [ahem]
3. Did a save after initial set up
I now do max size 1.2GB saves (not 512MB)
Ethernet was not persistent and had to click on connect again
4. Did sound check - working
5. Add browser
use the connect button or go to Puppy news in Quickpet and try Iron or Tor browserireFox) - let's burn on the edge . . .
6. In Rox options/thumbnails/show images
7. add my own backgrounds from Hard drive (usr/share/backgrounds)
8. change icons, change from openbox to JWM, Adjust the style of the clock with Menu -> General Utilities -> PupClockset manager. Just pimping and poodling
9. Put on pupblocker, import bookmarks
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