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Quickpet Lucid Puppy Quickpet

You may have arriveed here because Quickpet, an unique feature of Lucid Puppy 5, is not quite working for you. Or you may have been surfing the web and wanted to find out more about Lucid Puppy.

Hopefully we can fix Quickpet for your issue soon. However, in the meantime, all the packages used by Quickpet are available right here on this page. Just click the appopriate link and the package will download through your browser. You will have to install it though which is very easy. Locate the package you have downloaded and click it once. You will be asked if you want to install the package. Click OK a couple of times and that is all, your package is ready for use.

Popular Pets
Gimp, Powerful image editor
Pwidgets, Tiny desktop programs
Audacity, Powerful sound editor
Sonbird, Feature rich music manager
Geany, Professional text editor
Kompozer, Web site manager

Internet Pets
Firefox, Popular mozilla browser
Seamonkey, Full suite
Chromium, Ubuntu chrome browser
Opera, Fast browser suite
Thunderbird, Mozilla mail client
Sylpheed, Small mail client

Useful Pets
Lxmusic, Versatile music player
Dia, Diagram editor
Htop, Useful system information
RadeonHD open source graphics driver
Foxit Reader, PDF application
Inkscape, Vector drawing editor

Lucid Puppy Update
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