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Lucid Puppy version of Upup led by playdayz


Puppy 006 is a milestone release. The changes made since 002 to turn a hacker's hobby into a releasable Puppy are basically complete: the cutback of the dri/glx video (003), the new kernel (004), the Choose Your Browser infrastructure (005), and with 006 comes the Quick Package installer. There is one more surprise for 007 but it uses the Quick Package infrastructure which is why I say the changes are basically complete.

Lucid Puppy will have a new feature named Quick Package that will be a one-click install for popular, well-written, useful Linux programs that will be specially configured and tested for Lucid Pup.

SFS files that work well with Lucid

Amarok dejan555‘s amarok-xxx-sfs4-sfs
kmymoney sidder’s kmymoney2_0,89-1_xxx.sfs
Open office 3.2 dingo’s openoffice3.2-sfs4_xxx.sfs

Here are some of the "keeper" programs for the release version of Quick Package. Please *do* report bugs in these. Thank you.


Lxmusic--will play most anything (I hope)--please test it--I don't have any wma's Wink

htop-useful utility

Kompozer--very nice web site manager

Songbird--feature rich music manager

Noveau--driver for recent Nvidia cards--install the pet and then exit to a prompt and run xorgwizard--firmware is included which might help

Radeonhd--driver for recent Radeon HD cards--install pet and then exit to prompt and run xorgwizard--should allow 16-bit without causing green screen

Two More

Dia--Diagram Editor (with help)

Inkscape--Vector Drawing editor


Edit-SFS 2.1 (squash file system editor)
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