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Lucid Puppy compatible and tested SFS files

SFS = Squash File System

Puppy Linux can utilise SFS package files. Such files are used because it offers much greater versatility than using PET packages.

SFS files are only compatible with frugal installations, not full installations

SFS files tested for compatibility with Lucid Puppy

Amarok dejan555‘s amarok-xxx-sfs4-sfs for Puppy 5
Amarok amarok-1.4-lucid.sfs for Pupppy 5.1
kmymoney sidder’s kmymoney2_0,89-1_xxx.sfs
Open office 3.2 dingo’s openoffice3.2-sfs4_xxx.sfs
Skype skype_static prepared by 01micko
Language Support shinobar's language sfs, supports 40 languages

To access these packages, perform the following:

Click the Choose which SFS to load at bootup button.


Select the SFS file from the left pane. Add it to the right pane. Click OK. Reboot and then the SFS package will be mounted automatically and ready for use.


Edit-SFS 2.1 (squash file system editor)
sfs_linker allows for mounting of SFS files on the fly without rebooting
Try this sfs install program or thisPET MAKER PLUS, one of which may work, otherwise the files must be copied manually to the corresponding directories on the hard drive.

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