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Lucid Testing

I must admit that I'm enjoying testing Luci even with the assorted problems on the K6 2 500. Jades

Heavy Testing Please

As you can, please test the packages and features that have been added or upgraded since Lucid 5.1.1. Those of you who know, please take a look at the devx.
complete list of packages

1. Please also test the optional window managers
- this luci has the correct xinitrc so they should behave well.
2. Please use wmswitcher to change wm's.
3. Pidgin, xchant, Instantbird - IRC connection
4. Persistence of Internet connection. Everyone should see firstrun the first boot--if there is an active ethernet connection then it should be automatically configured. If there is no ethernet then after firstrun users should see Simple Network Setup. Ethernet and wireless should both be persistent on reboot. If not, this is the time to try to figure out why not.
Here is the link to the xfce for luci-242. Sorry for the out of date link on lupuNews--it is now fix
Here is Chromium 7, the Ubuntu version of the Chromium source code--not the same as the browser Google Chrome but from the same source code. Not the same either as Iron which uses the same source code but removes what it regards as intrusive "features."

Packages that have been added or upgraded since Lucid 5.1.1 Please test as you can.

firstrun 1.2
Quickpet 4beta7 with SFS getter
wmswitcher 0.14
transmission 2.04
gparted update from 0.5.1 to 0.6.2
latest Woof of OCT 29
pidgin 2.7.2
firewallstate 1.7
gnome-mplayer stop button
grub4dos 0.4.4 v 1.6.2
Pmusic 1.4.1 - can select among multiple sound cards
Geany 0.19.1
Sylpheed 3.1.0b2 with Gnu Privacy Guard
Gnumeric 1.10.8
Mplayer 1.0rc4 (and ffmpeg--includes vpx and i686-specific libraries--adjusted for performance)
Gecko-mediaplayer (in browsers)
mhwavedit from 1.4.16 to 1.4.20
Abiword--same number different (better) version with thesaurus
ntfs-3g from 2010.3.6 to 2010.8.8
mtpaint from 3.31 to 3.34.57 by don570
XineDVD DVD Player 1.29 - new

video files I use to test video playback
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