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Lupufy for Slacko

Collection of utilities from Puppy 5.2x Lucid for Puppy 5.3 Slacko.

1. Small Utilities
These are some utilities that people have said they liked from Puppy 5.2x Lucid. They are listed individually with their thread so that they could be installed individually if preferred. Most are written by members of the Puppy community. download 1.1 mb
All packages in table included.
- forum thread
right-click don570
- forum thread
Puppy Help 101 smokey01
- forum thread
No Blank Screen trio
- forum thread
Simple GTK Theme Maker trio
- forum thread
JWM Theme Maker trio
- forum thread
Cloud Apps sszindian
- forum thread
RoxTerm -
Color setting- Preferences >
Select color scheme > Tango
SearchMonkey -
file finder -
Stay Connected to Internet -
- -
Bank HomeBank Help menu entry -
- -
Abiword Help menu entry -
- -
Pupsave Hot backup 2byte
- forum thread
lxterminal -
Terminal Emulator forum post
lxtask -
task manager and system monitor -
PupClockset radky
- forum thread
PupApps radky
- forum thread
Gtkhash -
test MD5 checksums -
Menu Entry Maker originally Trio revs by Geoffrey
Add to and edit PuppyMenu forum thread

2. XineDVD
XineDVD is the default DVD player in Lucid 5.2.8. It doesn't have any problem with DVD menus as gnome-mplayer does sometimes. This pet is configured as XineDVD is in Lucid with the nice Antares skin and set as the default DVD player. It also contains the latest xinelib 1.1.20 (compiled in Slacko) so it will play most videos (and audios). download

3. Openbox
OpenBox is configured as in Lucid, but with the Deep Thought theme from Three-Headed Dog which goes nicely with the Slacko wallpaper. Use Menu > Desktop > WM Switcher after install to select Openbox. Install this after installing the lupufy-slacko utilities (or run PupClockset). download

For more information please see Lupufy Slacko forum thread.
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