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Puppy NOP (Nearly Office Pup)

Puppy NOP ("Nearly Office Pup") is a version of the Puppy Linux operating system with several added features, put together by Puppy-enthusiast & aerospace engineer Gray. It uses the Xfce desktop environment and it is prepared for the addition of your choice of office productivity software: or goffice (AbiWord, Gnumeric, Inkscape Lite), in the form of a Puppy expansion file (.sfs file) you add yourself. It also has several things removed to preserve a small size. See this Forum thread about Puppy NOPfor more information. There is also an experimental version of NOP that includes the Compiz-Fusion window manager, called Wobbly NOP (see below).

3.01 r6
See this forum thread about Puppy NOP 3.0x and the release announcement for 3.01 r6 for more details.
default desktop & Opera tweaked appearance, Thunar filemanager & Xfce Settings Manager
NOP 3.01 screenshots: default desktop & Opera; tweaked appearance, Thunar filemanager & Xfce Settings Manager

Some of the things added to standard Puppy to make NOP: Some of the things removed from standard Puppy to make NOP:
NOP & Compiz-Fusion
Compiz-Fusion (a compositing window manager capable of 3D effects) is not included in NOP, but user tombh has successfully installed it in NOP. See this forum thread for a step-by-step howto and more info. Or see Wobbly NOP below
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at compiz-fusion snow plug in showing tie fighters & x-wings drifting across the desktop

Wobbly NOP
tombh has released his second experimental release of NOP (wNOP-v0.2.iso) with Compiz-Fusion etc already built in.
Wobbly NOP with Pidgin & wobbly windows wNOP 0.2 with video playing on cube
Download Wobbly NOP
Download Wobbly NOP, add-ons, patches etc.

NOP in Chinese
There is now a Chinese version of NOP 2.17up2.
PuppyNOP 2.17up2 Chinese
Chinese Puppy NOP 2.17up2
showing desktop & Thunar filemanager
Download Chinese NOP
Download Chinse NOP, add-ons, patches etc.

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