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'What is Slacko'?
The latest release version of Puppy is Wary, with = Puppy 526Lucid available for newer hardware
Puppy 5.3 uses binaries from Slackware along with Puppy magic

How does this fit in with other Puppy versions?
Wary is a conservative design for older hardware from Barry Kauler
Quirky is a testing Puppy for new ideas from Barry Kauler

Dpup (Puppy + Debian) was designated as Puppy 6
and has recently been revived by Dejan555 and Iguleder

Saluki from Jemimah - Puppy rewrite (currently awaiting a kernel base))
is likely to move up to Puppy 7 when it gets off the ground

Puppy 8 is likely to offer Intel, ARM and 64 bit versions
and likely have support for tablet, phone and touch features and possible Woof Android

What about the name?
At the moment Slacko beta 1 is released. It uses some Slackware binaries and we call this an Spup, that means a Slackware (the 'S') compatible Pup
Slacko or spup with numbers dependent on kernel and version number
Slacko uses both Puppy scripts and programs using the Woof or woofy development system to create a Puppy

Absolute noobs
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To Do
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