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@@=====""OneBone"": Puppy with CLI apps only, no X.=====@@
===""OneBone"" Puppy version 2.01 released===
Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 04:01 AM

Finally I have access to high-speed Internet connection and can upload ""OneBone"" version 2.01. The live-CD iso file is puppy-onebone-2.01-elinks.iso and the size is 28.0M.

For release notes, please see the release notes for ""OneBone"" v2.00r1 at (June 9).(see below)

To download ""OneBone"":

Please do note that ""OneBone"" is very specialised, as does not have X graphics, commandline only. The major apps included are Elinks web browser and Midnight Commander file manager, but note that I have not extensively tested them, beyond confirming that they startup okay.
If you are interested in ""OneBone"", keenerd has collected a large number of CLI (Command Line Interface) applications:
Another project that is very interesting and for which testing can be done is a CLI PupGet package manager, developed by Nathan:

I have provided ""OneBone"" as-is, and please see those guys about developing it further and getting out the bugs. ""OneBone"" can probably develop into its own Community-supported branch of Puppy.
===June 9 2006===

===""OneBone"" Puppy version 2.00rev.1 is released.=== The live-CD iso file is puppy-onebone-2.00r1.iso and is 26.4M. This is a play-thing, requested by a few people on the forum, and definitely not for the average user. In other words, Linux commandline nerds only! Download from

""OneBone"" does not have any X GUI applications. It does have Elinks web browser, Ytree file manager and MP text editor. The Lucent and SmartLink modem drivers are included (though there is an issue with the latter, see forum). The full list of packages is to be found in /root/.packages/packages.txt.

""OneBone"" is a one-off from me, but it would be an interesting ongoing project for someone so inclined. There are lots of text-mode applications out there and a very interesting flavour of Puppy could be created, based on this starting point. Note that currently Puppy does not have mouse support in text-mode, but I found Elinks quite usable with the keyboard -- there is no text-mode Network Wizard, but I just ran "dhcpcd eth0" and I was connected to the Internet. For dialup, there are the text-mode wvdial and eznet.

Note also that the version of ""OneBone"" is 2.00 revision 1, as it includes the bugfixes since the release of v2.00.

*##slightly edited from Barry's News Site##

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