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Support for Open University Linux

We support SECURE Firefox, Opera and Mozilla Browsers
We support FREE Open Office, FREE Abiword and FREE Gnumeric software
Our supported software is Microsoft and Star Office compatible
and follows open standards for documents, spreadsheets and presentation programs
We support Web2, Gmail/googlemail

We now provide customised operating system disks

What is Linux and Open Source?

What Support can I get?



As well as an OU student I am Publicity Officer for the Puppy Linux Foundation. I previously used Windows XP but found it a 'malware magnet' that was becoming an untenable waste of time and resources. To my astonishment, no support for Open Source was offered at the OU - so I decided to start my own - well the course I am doing is in 'Practical Thinking' . . .

This is a personal initiative by Ed Jason focusing on Puppy Linux
The current official Open University policy is to only fund and support closed sourced software from Microsoft
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