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~**""OpenBox""** is a highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support. It is used as default in [[Puppy526 Puppy5.2x Lucid]], but [[JWM]] can be used instead via [[WMSwitcher]]. See [[LupufySlacko]] to add ""OpenBox"" to Puppy 5.3x Slacko.
~Also see OpenboxExtra packaged by [[vicmz]]. It includes [[Tint]] ([[panel]]) and themes.
~""OpenBox"" can have a nice translucent dock and its keyboard and mouse bindings can be configured. Mouse bindings can be important as some applications shortcut key conflict with the standard Linux ones, for example [[Inkscape]].

~Use "Openbox config" and "Fbpanel configuration"
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~OB-Precise 15.01

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[OpenBoxExtra]] - Openbox packaged with [[Tint]], themes and more
~[[LupufySlacko]] - Get ""OpenBox"" for Puppy 5.3x Slacko
~[[WMSwitcher]] - change window manager.

==Newer puppies using Openbox==
~[[ OB-Precise 15.01 kernel 3.17.7 PAE]] [[Upup]] created by [[vicmz]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Openbox/Fbpanel, How to set it all up.]]
~[[ Openbox Window Manager thread]]
~[[ Openbox homepage]]
~[[ How to disable/config alt-click-move in OpenBox (handy for Inkscape)]]
~[[ Script for Window tiling in openbox (]]

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