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The Hardware
Raspberry Pi hardware commitment
Community interest in Pi
There are only 50 Raspberry Pi boards in existence - until Nov 2011 when the first 10 000 boards will be snapped up by developers. Puppy will be there, paws ready . . .

The Plan
Use Debian or Slackware as the bootstrap device for the first Dpup to run on Pi.
Once Puppy is solidly on Pi we will add drivers for other devices
Puppy forum specific advice
Join Raspberry Pi mailing list (top right)
Join Pi forum Pi thread

The Plan

Task 1
Get Debian working on pi board

Task 2
reconfigure working environment
boot to root
+ Geany + c compiler
+ Puppy Phone
+ Xchat or link to meebo and Puppy IRC
gmail and twitter links

Task 3
first line icons
file goes to rox
help goes to this wiki page

Task 4
turn into ISO and provide pre-alpha

How do we Boot?

I am a beginner. What do I do? Details?
Beginner Pi
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