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I am gradually getting Woof setup to build an ARM Puppy BarryK
Barrys ARM 11 board arrives Translation of Chinese documentation?

T2 cross compiling
Woof to become ARM compatible
Artwork from pacer106

PARM logo
The Hardware
Raspberry Pi hardware commitment
Early ARM interest
Community interest in Pi
There are only 50 Raspberry Pi boards in existence - until Dec 2011 when the first 10 000 boards will be snapped up by developers. Puppy will be there, paws ready . . .
By 2013 we should have sufficient demand
for a puppy powered ARM tablet (see above) with smart memory material
or rubberized keyboard/cover/stand/grip/on switch
and e-ink touch screen
The design will be open source
You saw it here first
Puppy on board Raspberry Pi schematic close up

PARM logo

The (very rough) Plan

I'm doing some porting work at the moment with the long-term goal of porting Puppy to any architecture, maybe I could test this on Slacko.
Develop porting infrastructure
Get used to Puppy + Debian projects (the most likely 'Official' ISO initially)
I'll release a small Linux OS for the raspberry, using the Debian that can be provided with it as a base, and make it as puppy like as I can... altho this isn't a puppy, it will give you all a guide
Guy Dog
Use the new muli-arch Woof to build an Spup or Dpup
We only have to support broadcom multimedia on the first build
Once Puppy is solidly on Pi we will add drivers for other devices
Puppy forum specific advice
Join Raspberry Pi mailing list (top right)
Join Pi forum Pi thread
Join Raspberry_Pi on twitter for news as it happens

How do we Boot?

I am a beginner. What do I do? Details?

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