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Puppy on ARM (PARM)

Getting Puppy to run on ARM Hardware
Puppy on Panda board in Russia
I am gradually getting Woof setup to build an ARM Puppy BarryK
Barrys ARM 11 board arrives
T2 cross compiling
Woof to become ARM compatible
I'm doing some porting work at the moment with the long-term goal of porting Puppy to any architecture, maybe I could test this on Slacko.
Develop porting infrastructure
Get used to Puppy + Debian projects
I'll release a small Linux OS for the raspberry, using the Debian that can be provided with it as a base, and make it as puppy like as I can... altho this isn't a puppy, it will give you all a guide
Guy Dog

Compatibility across ARM chipsets
ARM chipsets have varying instruction sets standards. The RaspberryPi uses an ARM chipset with the older ARMv6 standard. Where as the Mele A1000 and A2000 use the newer ARMv7 standard.

1. Android is returning to java compliance and openness
2, Android+Java SFS
3. Download and run apps
Android Compatibility
Dalvik layering

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