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Raspberry Pi boards will finish manufacturing on February 20 and be air freighted to UK for packing, testing and shipping.

Puppy already boots to an x prompt on ARM
Barry is ensuring the toolchain for the t2 system works.
Sickgut will provide a Debian 'Puppy style' ISO
Woof2 will be able to compile across CPU's (including ARM)
A smaller JWM written in C exists

Ubuntu cross compiling

Puppy is going back to his roots. Booting from SD. Moving to a new processor. Making every bit count. Join the Puppy geek adventure for 2012. Woof Woof

Portable Pi commitment from BarryK

Woof2 is being developed by Barry. Woof2 is offering compiling for other processors starting with ARM.
Iguleder is working on an alternative porting strategy

We are near to ARM Raspberry Pi's release and therefore smart dogs with motherboards and tools. Afterwards come the first mainstream ARM Puppy ISO with testers, support, derivatives, Puppy artwork (already available), wiki and forum support etc. with other versions arriving afterwards . . .

Getting Puppy to run on an ARM Processor
The Hardware RPi Broadcom graphics info
Beagle Board alternative
Early ARM interest
Community interest in Pi
The Raspberry Pi boards will be available worldwide early 2012

Puppy on ARM

Puppy on Panda board in Russia

I am gradually getting Woof setup to build an ARM Puppy BarryK
Barrys ARM 11 board arrives Translation of Chinese documentation?

T2 cross compiling
Woof to become ARM compatible
Artwork from pacer106
I'm doing some porting work at the moment with the long-term goal of porting Puppy to any architecture, maybe I could test this on Slacko.
Develop porting infrastructure
Get used to Puppy + Debian projects (the most likely 'Official' ISO initially)
I'll release a small Linux OS for the raspberry, using the Debian that can be provided with it as a base, and make it as puppy like as I can... altho this isn't a puppy, it will give you all a guide
Guy Dog
Use the new muli-arch Woof to build an Spup or Dpup
We only have to support broadcom multimedia on the first build
Once Puppy is solidly on Pi we will add drivers for other devices
Puppy forum specific advice
Join Raspberry Pi mailing list (top right)
Join Pi forum Pi thread
Join Raspberry_Pi on twitter for news as it happens

How do we Boot?

I am a beginner. What do I do? Details?

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