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Pburn is a CD/DVD recording program. It will only perform the writing function with a blank disc, i.e. the disc is either new, or, as in the case of a re-writable disc, it has been erased first. Only Pburn has erasing capability; either Burniso2cd or Pburn can be used to burn ISO images.

To start Pburn, within Puppy Linux go to: Menu -> Multimedia -> Pburn.

To erase a disc: start Pburn; go to Burn -> Blank CD/DVD; click <i>Blank</i> disc tab; select type of erasure <i>Fast blank</i> and select type of disc media; click Burner device tab and select your burner device (drive) that contains the disc to be erased, and uncheck <i>Eject disc after burn</i>; click <i>Burn</i> button to commence erasing.

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