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~**Pburn** CD/DVD recording program written by [[SigmundBerglund Sigmund Berglund]].
~Built into many version of Puppy including [[Lucid]] and [[Slacko]].
~Available from: //Menu > Multimedia > Pburn//

~To upgrade to the latest version install an appropriate package:
~[[ PBurn thread]]

==Features ==
Burn Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray (multi/single session)
Copy data CD/DVD

**Audio **
Burn Audio CD from mp3, ogg, wma, wav ... (CD-text / CDDB)
Burn Audio CD from toc/cue file
Copy audio-CD

**Video **
Burn Video DVD/CD from avi, mov, mpg, wmv ...
Burn Video DVD/CD as a slideshow with images and background music
Burn Video DVD from video_ts filessytem
Copy video-DVD (decryption of encrypted discs)
Shrink double-layered video-DVD to single-layered disc
Burn ISO-image
Make ISO-image

**Misc **
Blank RW disc - fast (only TOC) or complete
Inspect and edit Burn-command before it executes.
Import sessions from multisession disc.
Verify burnt data.
Import (play)list
Fixate disc
Check for c2errors....
Language support
Theme support

==Erase a Rewritable Disc==
~To erase a disc: start Pburn; go to //Burn -> Blank CD/DVD//; //click Blank// disc tab; select type of erasure //Fast blank//> and select type of disc media; click Burner device tab and select your burner device (drive) that contains the disc to be erased, and uncheck //Eject disc after burn//; click //Burn// button to commence erasing.

~[[Burniso2cd]] - Burn Iso images

==More Information==
~[[ Pburn thread]]
~[[ Pburn changelog post]]
~[[ Pburn language support thread]]
~[[ Pburn themes post]]
~[[ Pburn developer info post]]
~[[ PBurn ArchLinux AUR package]]

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