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Pburn CD/DVD recording program written by Zigbert.

Built into many version of Puppy including Puppy 5.28. For the latest version and support see Pburn thread.

Available from: Menu > Multimedia > Pburn

Burn Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray (multi/single session)
Copy data CD/DVD

Burn Audio CD from mp3, ogg, wma, wav ... (CD-text / CDDB)
Burn Audio CD from toc/cue file
Copy audio-CD
Burn Video DVD/CD from avi, mov, mpg, wmv ...
Burn Video DVD/CD as a slideshow with images and background music
Burn Video DVD from video_ts filessytem
Copy video-DVD (decryption of encrypted discs)
Shrink double-layered video-DVD to single-layered disc

Burn ISO-image
Make ISO-image

Blank RW disc - fast (only TOC) or complete
Inspect and edit Burn-command before it executes.
Import sessions from multisession disc.
Verify burnt data.
Import (play)list
Fixate disc
Check for c2errors....
Language support
Theme support

It will only perform the writing function with a blank disc, i.e. the disc is either new, or, as in the case of a re-writable disc, it has been erased first. Pburn has erasing capability whereas Burniso2cd does not. Either Burniso2cd or Pburn can be used to burn ISO images.

Erase a Rewritable Disc
To erase a disc: start Pburn; go to Burn -> Blank CD/DVD; click Blank disc tab; select type of erasure Fast blank> and select type of disc media; click Burner device tab and select your burner device (drive) that contains the disc to be erased, and uncheck Eject disc after burn; click Burn button to commence erasing.

More Information
For more information see this forum thread

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