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**Polarpup** includes a choice of window manager [[JWM]] or [[IceWM]]. It also has built in [[qt QT 4.8.0 libs]], [[gstreamer gstreamer libs]].

**Polarpup-005** has a new 2.6.39-3 kernel, it was made using [[woof 18.8.2011 woof]] so it has boot time usb detection fixed. ALSA version 1.0.24.

First multimedia-music apps using [[Gstreamer]] are [[Clementine]], [[Minitunes]] and [[Qmmp]].

It is intel atom optimized and no highmem+pae so that it would be as compatible as possible for old and new hardware. Main target is somewhat newer hardware and laptops. ISA cards and slots are also supported.

==Download and Information==
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