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~**""PupControl"" Panel** is a graphical control panel which permits menu-like access to more than sixty Puppy control functions, and is similar to the companion program, [[PupApps PupApps Launcher]], which permits quick access to most Puppy programs (applications). The control panel is a standalone program but will integrate seamlessly with PupApps and PupShutdown. The tab interface of ""PupControl"" sorts all programs and utilities into nine broad categories, and common functions that one may use routinely are available in the lower panel tray. The optimal display for the panel GUI is automatically configured based on the active window manager and current global screen dpi.

~**Recommended OS** -> Puppy Linux 4.3.1 and above

~Access PupSysInfo via PupControl - go to 'Settings' and click on 'System Information'

~{{image width="300" link=2" url="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}

~""PupControl"" is included in many versions of Puppy.
~Go to:- //[[Pmenu PuppyMenu]] > Utility > ""PupControl""//

==More Information==
[[ PupControl thread]]

==Also see==
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