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====Changing Pupmode when Puppy is installed on an USB stick====

====How Puppy works====

====How to find the Puppy State====
~Information about the Puppy State is stored at ##/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE##

~It includes information including [[BootParameters]] such as Pmedia and Psubdir, as well as PupMode and location of the [[SaveFile PupSave]] file.

==Using Terminal==
~You can see this file by going to a [[TerminalEmulator terminal emulator]] and typing in the following code (ensure letter cases are copied exactly)-

~%%cat /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE%%

==""Using PupSysInfo""==
~Open PupSysInfo go to 'System Files' and select 'PupState'

==More information==
~For more general distro information, see [[PuppyVersionInformation]].

====French explanation====

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SaveFile]] - about the pup save file

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