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Puppi pre-alpha running on ARM Raspberry Pi Motherboard

What is this?
This is Debian Squeeze with faster Puppy programs added

How do I get Puppi?
You don't. Not yet. You make it! You customise it!
Your Puppy, your choices!
Later we will have a real Puppi

Help me please!

Step 1 download and install Debian Squeeze on a SD card
With Puppy?
In Puppy Slacko and most modern Puppys click on the downloaded Squeeze zip
It will expand
Move to the directory where the unzipped image is, open a console by
right clicking and select new terminal. Type
	# dd bs=1M if=debian6-19-04-2012.img of=/dev/sdc

more info
The part debian6-19-04-2012.img is the image and if you have a later image
replace with the updated image name
Other methods

Step 2 run 'The Squeeze'
boot up
login pi
password raspberry
for desktop

Step 3 Change desktop [optional)
Right click on desktop
Change desktop/wallpaper and then drag the file from USB keydrive or download images directly with midori browser

Step 4 Install favourite Puppy programs in the Squeeze?
Geany, Leafpad, gparted and a console are already present
Activate the menu bottom left
Use the Lxterminal in the top menu accessories
(password = raspberry)
	sudo su  
	apt-get update
	apt-get install mtpaint
	apt-get clean

check mtpaint (that is an example) is there by running from the terminal

These are other programs you can install
Step 5 Move Installed programs to the desktop
programs can be copied from
to pi/desktop

More Puppy artwork please . . .
How do I create an image file of my changes for other Puppi Users?
dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/a/mounted/filesystem/filename.img 
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