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There are currently two Puppy + Debian builds for the Raspberry Pi:-
**Puppi cockroach**
[[ Woof build Puppy + Debian Wheezy = Puppi 'cockroach']] released by Micko. This is at Alpha 1 and uses faster but less stable code

**Puppy + Debian = Puppi SAP**
meaning **Squeezed Arm Puppy** and is built specifically to run on the Raspberry Pi.// BarryK
This is currently at [[ Alpha 4 stage]] and uses older Squeeze code//

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**What is SAP like**
{{color text="new" c="red"}} [[ Alpha 2]] part of screen only recorded in SAP
[[ Chromium]] in SAP alpha 1
[[ Other programs]] in alpha 1
[[ Youtube video of Sap]] pre-alpha

**How do I make SAP secure?**
Puppy by default does not have servers and other ports open. Puppy is more secure than other distros
[[ Use Growl]] if feeling insecure

**How do I take a screenshot?**
Use Mtpaint/file/actions/time delayed screenshot

**How do I do screencasting?**
Here's a basic recipe for ffmpeg, oh, you need libusb-1.0 from debian PPM too...
ffmpeg -f x11grab -s vga -r 25 -i :0.0 ~/myvid.avi

**Can I test without a Raspberry Pi?**
[[ Help development]] even without Raspberry Pi hardware

**What is unxz or the .xz extension used by Barry K?**
.xz is the latest compression type, much smaller than .gz or .bz2 or zip. The 'unxz' utility decompresses it, and it is then piped to 'dd' -- the "|" is the pipe operator, which means that the output of the unxz operation becomes the input to dd.
If downloading via a Windows PC you will need an extractor that supports the "'.xz" file extension for compressed files. Winrar didn't support it. Download another 'universal extractor' in order to then install via the Win32diskimager program.

**How was sap6 created?**
[[ Woof used to build sap6 pre-alpha]]

**What needs fixing?**
[[ full list]]
Please send bug fixes to [[ Barry K blog comments]]
or [[ feedback]]

**What works?**
- [[jwm JWM]] - Joe's Window Manager - stable - running well
- [[ROXfiler Rox File Manager]] (incidentally Rox was developed first on the ARM processor)
- [[geany Geany]] text editing keyboard keys fixed in alpha2
- [[Leafpad]]
- [[Mtpaint]]
- Chromium browser - includes flash - use package manager to download - PPM not yet fully working
- [[InkLite Inscape lite]]
- Email client
- firewall
- ffmpeg for videocasting
- gparted will be working in next alpha3/beta1

**How do I change the Appearance of Puppi Sap**
[[ Change background]]
[[ Raspberry + Puppy Power]]
[[ desktop wallpaper]]
[[ older wallpaper design]]
[[ pacer106 design]]
**Add More Puppi artwork**
[[ Wallpaper]]
[[ Puppy artwork]]
[[ Neu icons]]
[[ Nimbus icons]]

**How do I compile programs in Puppi Sap?**
You need the devx
Puppy can be transformed into a complete compile environment by the installation of just one file, that we refer to by the generic name of "devx". In this case it is 'devx_sap6_5.91.sfs'. Normally, the Bootmanager can be used to install and uninstall SFS files, however due to the manner in which Puppy is installed on the SD card, it is necessary to click on the devx file to open it, then copy all the files into "/" -- see instructions at I have not tested the devx. If anything is missing out of it, fixes welcome. Note that as well as ""C/C++"" support, the devx has Vala, Genie and BaCon compilers, see and -- BaCon is enhanced BASIC and is our recommended language for all newbies who want to be able to create fast and small compiled apps. Note, there is also an IDE for BaCon, and a GUI RAD, but not yet included in the devx.

**How can I speed up compiling?**
Compile under Qemu emulation on a fast CPU
Compile outside of X
Compile on Puppy (less deamons)
Compile on a USB connected hard drive if running on Raspberry Pi

**Where do I share info?**
[[ Puppi alpha1 feedback]] on Murga forum
[[ latest pics]]
[[ Raspberry Pi forum]]

**Any tips?**
1. Reboot Puppy before using dd in Puppy (to write SD image)
2. Make use of Puppy resources
We have a great kennel of resources
The forum, Puppy chat etc
3. Turn on the Firewall during initial noot
4. You can [[PuppySchoolProgramming create programs in bashscript]] without the devx
5. Please don't put your Raspberry Pi on the floor. Was one lowered heel away from destruction yesterday - must build case
6. Audio possibility
[[ set audio]]
what does aplay -l give you?
If it lists multiple cards, you can select the audio out by running:
aplay -Dplughw:X filename.wav
X is the card you choose from 0 to n

[[PuppiDebbianOld previous pre-alpha]] (build your own from Lobster) //redundant info//

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