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Puppification of Arch Linux for Raspberry Pi - JWM, Rox, Geany and mtpaint for Puppi using Arch binaries

How do I get Puppi Arch?
You don't. Not yet. You make it! You customise it!
Your Puppy, your choices! It is the Arch way + Puppy Power.
Later we will have a ready made real Puppi Arch

So what is this exactly?
This is Arch Linux with Puppy small efficient programs added . . .

Get me started!
OK - you got it!

Step 1 download and install the Arch image file for Raspberry Pi on a SD card
With Puppy
In Puppy Slacko and most modern Puppys click on the downloaded Arch zip
It will expand
Move to the directory where the unzipped image is, open a console by
right clicking and select new terminal. Type
	# dd bs=1M if=archlinuxarm-27-03-2012.img of=/dev/sdc

The part archlinuxarm-27-03-2012.img is the image and if you have a later image
replace with the updated image name
more info
Other methods Other distros and Windows

Step 2 run 'Arch'
boot up
login root
password root

You are now at the Arch command line

Step 3 Update 'Arch'
(optional but recommended)
Arch is a rolling release - constantly updated .
Update command can take a while - took about 40 minutes on broadband

pacman -Syu

Step 4 install JWM Window Manager
This will give you the 'Puppy standard' Joes Window Manager . . .
pacman -S xf86-video-fbdev jwm

Step 5 start JWM Window Manager
xinit /usr/bin/jwm

Step 6 add Puppy style programs
Open the terminal
pacman -S rox geany mtpaint netsurf

Step 7 run programs
Open the terminal and type
rox or geany etc

Step 8 Create an image file of my changes for other Puppi Users?
	dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/a/mounted/filesystem/filename.img 

Step 9 Add programs compiled for Raspberry Pi ARM v6
Step 10 Add/Create custom Bacon Programs
Bacon BASIC to C Converter programs
like so
on programs using HUG

Useful commands
tar xvzf something.tar.gz decompresses files eg. gtkdialog for ARM

If you want root access "sudo passwd root" at prompt after login / before "startx".

“sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835” at prompt after login / before "startx" for sound

Where do I read more info?
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